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UX Lead, X-Trade Brokers DM S.A

Elżbieta Bojarczuk

I am UX Leader of the Customer Experience Research team at X-Trade Brokers – one of the largest FX & CFD brokers in the world. Together with the team, we deal with user experience of products and services at XTB. We love numbers, so our Designer are based on a huge amount of data, also we verify our theses in A/B tests or re-analyzing our design assumptions.
I have gained over 5 years of experience in UX design and research at PAYBACK and XTB. I studied Management at the University of Warsaw in 2010-2015. By mentoring others, i.e. by conducting interesting discussions with the team and directing them to valuable solutions – I gain a lot for myself. I feel great satisfaction seeing how my team and I develop ourselves designing projects for over 12 markets including South America and Asia.
A unique opportunity for my and my team’s development is the international UX research project that we started in Paris in 2019 named „Create a better investing future”.
Elżbieta Bojarczuk

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Identity verification in the age of data driven design. Case study of an international broker